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7 Benefits of Choosing A Diamond Certified Electrician

by Antonio Chau on November 28, 2016

Trying to choose a new electrician or any kind of contractor can be a daunting task. You need to weigh up the contractor’s training and experience, communication, reviews and fee before you make a decision, and the wrong choice could mean extra costs or even damage to your home. But what if there was an easier way to choose a quality contractor without hours of research and the risk of making the wrong choice? Diamond Certification offers a reliable and objective way to discern a quality electrical contractor and ensure an outstanding result. Here we look at 7 benefits of choosing a Diamond Certified electrician and why you should hire one for your next job.

You Know Your Electrician is Licensed, Bonded and Insured

licensed bonded and insured electricianDiamond Certification is a guarantee of electrician skill and quality at a much higher standard than other qualifications. When you choose a Diamond Certified electrical contractor, you can be guaranteed that your contractor is insured, licensed and bonded, without having to check up on the license yourself or risk not being covered. Unlicensed and uninsured contractors can leave you in hot water with electrical work that’s not up to code, and if unlicensed workers are injured on your property, you could be sued to pay workers’ compensation and damage costs. Choose a Diamond Certified electrician for quality work and complete coverage when it comes to insurance, workers’ compensation and licensing.

Highest Rated Feedback From Real Customers

electrical contractor reviewsWord of mouth has always been an important factor for clients when making decisions about which electrician to use, and with the Internet, sharing reviews and recommendations is now easier than ever. However, because many online reviews are anonymous and may or may not be contributed by genuine customers, it can be difficult to know if you can trust online reviews for accuracy and honesty. Diamond Certification goes one step further and collects unbiased feedback from verified clients of the contractor, providing a more reliable and accurate assessment of the contractors work than any online review could. Because the Diamond Certification process surveys a large, random sample of actual customers, the feedback results are more honest and reflective of the service that you will personally receive when the electrical contractor turns up at your door.

Stringent Quality Guidelines

The Diamond Certification process is one of the most stringent and rigorous Certification processes for electricians and professionals nationwide. Diamond Certified electricians must earn a 90+ rating out of 100 for customer satisfaction as well as pass all credential based ratings in order to be awarded Diamond Certified status. Only the most exemplary and highly performing companies can qualify according to these strict guidelines, so you know you are receiving the utmost in service and quality with a Diamond Certified contractor. When a Diamond Certified electrician completes a job at your home or business, you know that they will provide extremely high quality work, because their reputation is always on the line. This ensures you get the right result the first time, for a cost effective solution that gets you up and running in less time.

Performance Guarantee For Your Security

firenze-1249859_1920When you choose a Diamond Certified electrician, you’re always covered if something goes wrong. Not only are Diamond Certified electrical contractors licensed and insured, Diamond Certification comes with a performance guarantee that ensures you will always be satisfied with the work performed. Nobody likes to think about something going wrong with their electrical work, but rarely issues and disputes can arise. Should any issue with a contractor remain unresolved, the Diamond Certification performance guarantee allows you to work with a mediator to resolve the issue to obtain the result you need. If a solution still cannot be agreed upon, the Diamond Certification award will provide a refund on your purchase price, up to $1000. This is a guarantee that even in the rare event that communication with your electrician breaks down, you’re still covered for your costs, no matter what.

Guaranteed for Helpful Expertise

Diamond Certified companies are chosen and awarded based on their ability to provide helpful, friendly and knowledgeable expertise. It’s not just enough to do the job well, a Diamond Certified electrician must also provide helpful, friendly service, be open and communicative, and possess expert knowledge in their field. A Diamond Certified electrician will always go above and beyond to provide quality work that meets the clients needs, and customer service that exceeds expectations. When you hire a Diamond Certified electrical contractor, you get more than just your average electrician, you get a local expert willing to share their knowledge and expertise.

An Expert in Your Local Area

The Diamond Certification process catalogues electricians and other professionals by industry and location, so you can always find a Diamond Certified electrical contractor close by for fast and efficient service. Choosing local experts means you get speedy, high quality service, and at the same time you help local businesses thrive. With urgent electrical work and emergencies, you need a high-quality electrician who can turn up fast and perform the work efficiently and safely. By choosing a Diamond Certified company, you always have a selection of the top performing and highest rated electricians at your fingertips, so you get the right solution at the right time.

Ongoing Quality Assurance

To be awarded Diamond Certified status, it’s not enough to simply qualify once. Diamond Certified companies continually work to improve and maintain their high rated status. All Diamond Certified electricians are subject to ongoing research and ratings to ensure they maintain the high standards expected of Diamond Certified member companies. Diamond Certified electricians never simply rest on their reputation, but strive to constantly build upon their experience and skills to provide an even better experience for their valued customers.

Choosing a Diamond Certified electrician means you can be assured of outstanding service and exemplary quality as well as a guarantee that the job will be completed to your satisfaction. Look for the Diamond Certified logo on your local electrician’s website for an assurance of the highest quality electrical work and customer satisfaction guaranteed.