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How To Install A USB Outlet

by Adam on February 6, 2020

USB outlets allow you to charge your USB-powered devices right in the wall without needing a charger. This Maine Home Services DIY electrical guide explains, in detail, how to install a USB outlet in your home or business. Before we get started, however, please make sure you heed this warning: If, for whatever reason, you’re […]

Should I DIY or hire an electrician?

Do-It-Yourself Vs. Professional Electrician: What’s the Difference?

by Antonio Chau on January 10, 2020

When it comes to completing electrical work in your home or at your business, is it better to choose a qualified electrician, or can you recruit a friend or handyman to do your electrical troubleshooting and repairs? Is it possible to simply look up online how to install new electrics or complete a repair and […]


7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Electrician

by Antonio Chau on November 27, 2019

It’s essential to keep the electrical system within your home safe and functional. Still, when something goes wrong, you want to work with an expert for a safe and effective solution. However, with so many electricians to choose from, it can be hard to work out how to choose the right electrical contractor for your […]

how do electric vehicle charging stations work?

How Do Electric Car Charging Stations Work?

by Antonio Chau on January 16, 2017

With electric cars becoming more and more popular, the need for charging stations is also increasing. You may have noticed electric car charging stations popping up on the side of the road, at malls, and at workplaces near you. However, although you might not see them, home electric car charging stations are being used by […]

vitalstorm default thumbnail

6 Things You Need To Know About Installing An Electric Car Charging Port

by Antonio Chau on January 10, 2017

With Tesla releasing their “Model 3” vehicle in the near future, more and more homeowners are becoming interested in owning electric vehicles and installing electric car charging ports in their homes. Sales of electric cars are particularly popular in the Bay Area, where electric car sales double or triple the numbers in other areas. But what does […]

new years electrical inspection

Should You Get A New Year’s Electrical Check Up?

by Antonio Chau on January 2, 2017

The new year is a time for reevaluation, and while most people are focused on New Years resolutions, it’s also a great time to review the systems around your home. One of your home systems that’s essential to monitor and check up on is your electrical system. Electrical inspections and electrical troubleshooting are recommended at […]

5 steps to prepare your electrical systems during winter

5 Steps For Protecting and Preparing Your Electrical Systems During Winter

by Antonio Chau on December 26, 2016

In winter, your electrical system can do more hard work than you realize. There’s heating, power plug outlets, lighting and the holiday season to contend with, and it can really be worthwhile to check up on your electrical system before winter sets in. A professional electrical contractor can provide an expert assessment on your electrical system […]

can you tell if you've hired a licensed electrician?

Can You Tell If An Electrician is Licensed, Certified or Insured?

by Antonio Chau on December 19, 2016

Choosing a certified, insured and licensed electrician for your electrical work is essential to ensuring the successful resolution of your electrical issues, and the safety of your home or business. But how do you accurately determine if your electrician is licensed, insured, certified or trained? Understanding how to access this information to help build a […]

choosing the right commercial electrician

6 Essential Tips To Help Your Choose the Right Commercial Electrician

by Antonio Chau on December 12, 2016

Electrical work in a commercial setting is different and distinct from domestic electrical work, and therefore requires an experienced electrician. Correctly functioning and safe electrics are essential to your business, workplace, warehouse or store, so choosing the right commercial electrician is key.  A high quality commercial electrician can not only be useful to establishing functioning […]

electrical safety

How To Achieve Greater Electrical Safety in Your Home

by Antonio Chau on December 5, 2016

Electricity allows us to power so many useful and indispensable appliances in our home, and yet it is also a dangerous resource. Every year, thousands of electrocutions and house fires are caused by unsafe or faulty electrical work, and a death from electrocution occurs every day. Ensuring the electrics in your home are safe and […]