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Circuit Breakers

What is a breaker?

Breakers are an important residential safety device. They are designed to protect the electrical device receiving the electricity and also the wiring in your home.

At some point or other, everyone has had to restore power by flipping a breaker switch. It happens to us all. Unfortunately, sometimes a recurring tripped breaker indicates a larger electrical problem that should be addressed promptly.

Common Cause of Tripped Breakers

The most common cause of a tripped breaker is a loose circuit. This can be resolved quickly by tightening the connections. Remember to never attempt to tighten, remove, or replace a breaker on your own.

If a breaker continues to trip after it has been reset, don’t ignore the issue and simply continue to reset the breaker each time. If this is happening in your home, the breaker is telling you something! We can find out!

Please call a certified electrician at Maine Home Services, Inc. to examine your electrical panel. If the breaker trips immediately after resetting, this is an indication of a direct short, and it needs to be evaluated by an electrician as soon as possible.

“More Power to You!”

Call Maine Home Services, Inc. to resolve your issue with a tripped breaker: 408-899-8811 or 925-443-3377