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Circuit Breaker Electrical Panels

Maine Home Services Panel Replacement and Repair

You cannot receive electricity in your home without a properly functioning electrical panel. It is in control of your home’s electrical functioning and must be maintained and sometimes repaired or even replaced. Electrical panels are sometimes called breaker boxes, electrical boards, or service boxes.

Your electrical panel takes electricity originating from the electric company and distributes it throughout your home. The breakers or fuses in your panel regulate that electricity. Only a certified and skilled professional electrician can perform maintenance or repairs on your electrical panel.

Never try to perform repairs yourself other than replacing a fuse or flipping a breaker. Never remove the panel cover yourself! There is a risk of electrocution and damage to your entire electrical system that can result in a fire, hospitalization, destruction of electrical devices, or even worse.

Hopefully, you will only need to replace your electrical panel once or twice in your life. But, in the case that you do need to make necessary repairs or replacements for your electrical panel, only hire a certified professional.

Federal Pacific Electric & Zinsco Panels

From the 1950s to the 1980s, two extremely popular manufacturers of circuit breaker panels were Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco. Throughout the years, however, electrical experts have discovered many flaws in their operation that cause arcing and subsequent overheating.

Our highly trained, background checked, and drug tested electricians have performed countless panel replacements and can handle any type or model. If you need to replace the dangerous Federal Pacific Electric panels, Zinsco panels, or any other outdated electrical panel, we’ve got the electrician for you.

Make Maine Home Services, Inc. your first call when it comes to electrical panel replacement and repair.

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